1. Why doesn't the KYC certification pass?

  1.  Your uploaded photos do not meet the requirements and some information is covered; 
  2.  The photos you uploaded are too fuzzy and the system cannot clearly identify them. Please re-shoot and upload. 
  3. The information you entered is incorrect.
  •  For specific reasons, we will reply via email.

2. How to participate in your project investment?

First login to the official website ( https://www.mypluschain.com  ) and log in to register. After uploading personal information after kyc certification, we will email you with specific investment matters.

3. What are the application scenarios of MyPlus ?

  1. When users use the platform, they can use the keyword to find the corresponding merchant; if they can't find the corresponding merchant can use the MY reward method to ask questions, if they get accurate answers, the user rewards the respondent a certain number of MY.
  2. Users can realize cashless transactions, and contracted merchants can make MY payments with the platform .
  3. Merchants get MY can be used in other contracted businesses

4. What areas will MyPlus involve in future development?

MyPlus ​is not just a blockchain application that can be landed. Except for the unprecedented combination and hot label of blockchain , life services and payments, the future MyPlus will radiate into more areas such as big data, artificial intelligence, etc. . It will continue to provide momentum for industry innovation and healthy growth.

5. Does MyPlus have any advantages over current non-blockchain projects on the Internet? How does MyPlus solve the current commercial pain point of the same product?

Blockchain technology provides trusted data to both parties before the transaction, thereby ensuring greater possibilities and reducing the risks associated with information asymmetry and fraud. 

  1. Support large-scale commercial smart business contract library and strengthen process decentralization .
  2. Secretly and securely manage user identity and transaction information while allowing new transactions and settlements among network participants. 
  3. Use delegated-POS consensus engine to support tens of thousands of transactions per second to solve the delay problem

6. Why do MyPlus this project?

In recent years, the Southeast Asian economy has been developing rapidly, but the development of the Internet is still slow. In order to respond positively to the Singapore government's call, MyPlus is determined to go through blockchain technology to empower innovation and development of SMEs and provide more opportunities for all parties involved in market transactions. Many solutions.

7. What is the business model of MyPlus?

  1. Payment Network: MyPlus will build a network that is currently the fastest concurrently and can achieve the speed of traditional Internet payment services 
  2. Merchant Conversion: MyPlus Directly Converts Its Millions of Southeast Asian Users to Users of the MyPlus Blockchain Network 
  3. Closed-loop credit system: similar to the search engine marketing model, through accurate keyword marketing; thus using the lowest cost to obtain a large number of commercial information resources. Improve the credit assessment system through objective data on transactions and credit information
  4. Data block chaining: Any third party who needs to reference user data on the MY chain needs the user's consent and pay compensation 

  5. Big Data Advertisement: The Living Service Market of the Lion City Forum has an accurate access to customers and advertising big data model. Combining advertising with the blockchain business will greatly increase the use of advertising services.

8. MyPlus What is the role of token in addition to financial value?

  1. Post a search for a business 
  2. Replace cash shopping in contracted merchants 
  3. Advertising for contracted merchants in the search system 
  4. Token holders can also vote on proposed advertisements

9. Will the application of the project be in Singapore/Southeast Asia only?

At present, MyPlus will mainly provide services for everyone in Southeast Asia; in the future, it will consider providing services to more regions.

10. Is it possible to limit the amount of Ethereum to be paid for each MY token?

The price of Ethereum cannot be predicted. If you trade in the last few minutes or seconds of a particular period, there is no guarantee that the Ethereum you received will be equivalent at the time. Please check all risks associated with the purchase of MY tokens, including the technical risks specified in the purchase agreement.