About MyPlus (“MyPlus”)

MyPlus is an urban intelligent database based on blockchain technology. After the entry of payment tools, merchant management tools, and marketing tools at the bottom of the blockchain technology, blockchain technology can be quickly implemented. Meanwhile, city big data can be collected to apply data assets and credit assets monetized.  
MyPlus project is headquartered in Singapore. Teams and consultants come from all over the world and are top talent and senior opinion leaders in blockchain technology and related fields. MyPlus is committed to directly linking global service providers including companies and individuals and consumers. MyPlus aims to build a trust-based, motivational, safe and transparent future city life service ecosystem based on reviews and life services.  
MyPlus will also work hard to build a decentralized smart life service, consumption and payment platform based on blockchain technology, online and offline links. Besides, MyPlus will build offline consumer portals through the establishment of decentralized merchant review site and use the blockchain technology chain access to businesses and provide businesses with fast financial services, three thousandths transaction fee without the support of the entire financial payment system from third parties institutions. MyPlus platform is completely decentralized and will make up for the gaps in Southeast Asia’s financial payment platform and the urgent needs of the market to maximize the interests of businesses and users!  
With a deep understanding of the industry for many years and a belief in blockchain technology, we firmly believe that MyPlus will change the existing market, remove the deficiencies and shortcomings of a series of existing third-party review platforms, local community classification information service platforms, etc. This is an upcoming landmark commercial revolution!