Decentralized intelligent financial platform for mobile payment

A payment system based on Internet and blockchain technology
An ecosystem making transactions, payments and settlements come true
Provide safe and reliable business services
Connecting enterprises, merchants and individuals from both online and offline

Our advantage

Our Advantage

  • Pro operation team

    The MyPlus team is based in Singapore,originated from the Singapore’s largest merchant website —— The global experts and opinion leaders from blockchain area and other various industries will use their experience to help MyPlus. We are determined to build a decentralized network of life services, finical and payment platform seamlessly for South East Asia with the existing low-cost commercial service network built by SGCN.

  • Policy Support

    The Singapore government has been committed to promote SMEs' adoption of new ideas to transform and innovate in recent years. MyPlus respond to the government's call actively to solve the closed-loop problems in information flow, capital flow, and logistics through the landing of blockchain technology, and empowered SMEs to innovate and develop better.

  • Great Prospects

    MyPlus is definitely not just a normal blockchain application that can be launched. Beside the unprecedented combination of “blockchain+ life services+ payment”, MyPlus will also radiate into more areas like big data, artificial intelligence and so on. MyPlus will continue to empover the industry to innovate and grow healthily.




MyPlus will use the technology of distributed ledger of blockchain to build the credit system. The good credit behavior of each participant will be recorded. MyPlus ‘s credit system will be global, transparent and free of any agency’s control. This credit system will ensure greater reliability and reduces the risks of information inequality and fraud.

Safe & Open

On the MyPlus platform, from the beginning of purchase, every link is supported by smart contracts to provide guarantees for both parties. The ecosystem based on community autonomy will intervene to provide fair and transparent dispute resolution solutions. As the information is irreversible and unchangeable, the system is absolutely secure.

Easy Payment

He cashless mobile payment system in Southeast Asia is cluttered and relatively backward. The payment institutions are numerous and uncooperative. MyPlus will establish a portal for offline consumption through the establishment of a decentralized merchant review website, use the blockchain technology to access everyone. MyPlus will also provide financial services like Alipay for merchants and provide consumers with a convenient, safe, and efficient payment experience!



  • Established blockchain Teams

  • Start modeling

  • Establish MyPlus Fundation

  • MyPlus wallet release, used for payment,otc trans

  • Promotion of the Singapore Malaysian Market,Launch MyPlus Bockchain R&D

  • Singapore Malaysia Supports 3000 Merchants

  • Launch of take-away service

  • MyPlus Blockchain 1.0 Online

  • Promote Thailand/Indonesian Market

  • Promoting markets to 10 ASEAN countries

  • Prepare IPO

MyPlus Team

Michael McDermott

Over 25 years in the IT industry, consultants in healthcare, software engineering, publishing, and finance industry.
Several appointments in restructuring, system construction, project management as non-executive director & senior management.


Liu Ren

Singapore Blockchain Foundation Contact Person.
K2 startup network originator.
DoNews founder.
The author of "Knowledge Heroes."

Raymond Tan

Famous Blockchain and Big Data Experts NABA co-founder.
China Industrial Design Association CIO.
Director of Hangzhou Digital Industry Service Center.
Master Lecturer, School of Software, Fudan University.
author of 8 Internet professional books. iTechClub Internet Technology Elite,Hangzhou Club President.

Roy Li

Famous Network Security Expert and Internet of Things Expert.
Founder of Internet of Things operating system
Co-sponsor of 3’Oclock Blockchain. Investment in Geek Founder.
Jinglin Capital and Shanhang Capital jointly invest.

Jiang MingLiang

BCF Chairman.
Experienced in the Internet industry from China, Singapore, and the United States.
Global researcher in the field of distributed computing and network (Mesh Network and Mobile IP).
Council member from National University of Singapore Research Institute.
Former CTO of I-DNS.NET


Wang Dou

Founder of Geek Capital.
Famous Investor in blockchain industry.

Chu XiaHu

Wei You Consulting Co-Founder.
Former IT Project Manager in Ontario Provincial Government.
Committed to big data research, consulting and marketing.
Engaged in cryptographic digital currency consulting services.

Zhu HaiFa

Founder of YouCheng Capital.
Shanda Capital Partners and Shanda Chief Investment Officer.
Previously work at the Shanghai Academy of Sciences and Nuovo Assets investment.

Wu Bin

Master's degrees in physics.
EMBA degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.
Former Vipshop Angel Investor.
Dawson Capital Founder.

Greater China Contact

Harry He

Griffith College Dublin graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science and technology.
More than ten years of experience in the field of IT payment experts. Established Fulda Pay.

Chen XianYi

Platform architect, project management director.
Spring Singapore registered IT certified enterprise management consultant.
Graduated from Nanyang Technology University in Singapore.
With the IT experience of the world's top 500 companies.
Completed more than 50 platform planning and implementation.
Has cross platform, Internet product technology R&D, cloud technology, advantage technology in smart home and market research experience.


Investment institutions

Payment Scenarios

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